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It’s the beginning of the year and back to work for me tomorrow. Generally, I enjoy my job, but this time I am sensing a subtle feeling of dread creeping up in my veins. I am slowly coming to the realisation (and at the same time going into denial) – The holiday is OVER I had a great time during this vacation, travelled to Koh Samui and have stayed in the most beautiful beach villa on the island! In the middle of the exotic tropical nature – what a great experience!.

I think we can all relate to this feeling in some way or form … of wanting the holiday to continue forever and not wanting to go back to dealing with the same people and the same day-to-day demands.

“Why am I feeling this?”, I thought to myself, “Is this supposed to be normal? Or is there something deeper that is missing … that my subconscious mind is trying to make me aware of?”

I have landed in the software development industry fresh from my accounting articles. Finding the accounting industry boring second to none, it was Information Technology that caught my interest – of improving current processes, making people’s lives easier and getting the job done quicker. Innovation and Automation. Living on the edge of development and contributing something of real value – something that my accounting graduate peers could only dream of doing.


But maybe, just maybe…

It is time to reassess. Are you ready to step out into something bigger?

Ok, so maybe you are in the right industry. Maybe you even love your job. But even then there could be certain aspects of your job that you don’t like. For example – the fixed 9-5 working hours, the commuting, constantly having to deal with meeting deadlines and staff issues.

Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad has put the following spin on this – that you should:

“Work to Learn, don’t Work to Earn”.


Because if you work to learn, you will end up doing what you are passionate about. If you work to earn, well, then you trade your soul and become a slave to money.

So do you really love your job? Because if you are not loving the work that you do, this I can tell you – You are only fooling yourself. And there may be a myriad of reasons why you have not decided to step out into something else yet. But those reasons can also be excuses. Now I am not suggesting that you should resign, there are thousands of people out there that would like to trade their position for yours any day.

But maybe it is time for you to explore other opportunities and passions. It is all about being true to yourself. To trust yourself enough. To listen to that still, small voice that we tend to suppress so easily. To follow the desires of your heart.

Your adventure awaits.

Yours in Wealth,



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