A revelatory moment for me was a few months ago when I watched a video of Jay Kubassek, and realised – I already have 99% of what it takes to be successful.

Becoming an entrepreneur and being able to create your own way, being able to write you own pay check. Being able to say: “This is the life that I want”. The ability to build the lifestyle that you choose – is something that everyone of us has within us.

In fact, our natural state is not to attach ourselves to somebody else’s process or somebody else’s dreams, and be dependent on that. Unless you’re somebody who has a really awesome job, our natural state is to pursue our own dreams.


So what is the secret behind becoming a self-sustained entrepreneur, who has the ability on demand to create your own life?


You have whatever you have to work with, and that is all you need. So let go of the notion that you’ve somehow got to acquire something from outside of yourself – whether it’s education, some secret or some silver bullet.

You already have the goods – the 99% of what you need to be a success.

And when you realise it’s already there, you’ll realise that that is your biggest asset. And there is incredible value in that.

We’ve got all of these subconscious agreements that we’ve made with ourselves about what we’re lacking. Things that we somehow need to figure out or accomplish or attain before we can start.


As long as we’re trying to copy someone else, we’re not being our authentic selves.


Finding your X-Factor is becoming more of who you already are.

Your weird idiosyncrasies are what people love about you, and what makes you YOU.


And the other 1%?


The other 1% is simply building on the experiences you have in life. The more experience you gain, the more you amplify the 99%.

By letting go of your fears, being more of who you are, and telling your story to the world – you will become the authentic person, the best version of yourself that no-one else can be.

Have an awesome day and remember, all you need is already inside of you.


All my best



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